Designer: Ann Summers 
Piece: Alina Mesh Bra
Website to purchase: Ann Summers Shop

When I picked this up off the rack the sales assistant immediately said “I have one in every color”. That alone at least made me want to try it on. 

She went on to say how comfortable it was and how it doesn’t even feel like she is wearing a bra at all. All of this was great knowledge, but really what struck me was the edgy design of it. The mesh, the gold, the strappy extras. The only thing was to find out if it was as comfortable as the nice sales lady expressed.

It’s one thing trying things on in the dressing room, you put it on and take it off. [Yes, it was comfortable in the dressing room] It’s an entirely different thing when you wear a bra for a whole day, you get the chance to move and breath and really feel it out.

As a small chested woman for most weeks of the month, it’s hard for me to find a good reason to wear a bra. That changed when I purchased the Alina bra. 

As previously mentioned in the Sensual Siren post, I prefer mesh bras where they change to shape of my breast rather than stuffing my breast into a cardboard cup. The Alina bra is that love that adapts to my body, with the shape forgiving mesh cup to stretch in whichever way my breast wants to fall naturally. 

At first, I was a little perplexed at the extra strap above the cup, it didn’t quite lay flay on my chest like I hope it would, but once I found the right size and adjusted the straps correctly I was able to get the dream fit. 

Speaking of dream fit… there was something that I had not thought about until these lovely sales assistants helped me. When I would go to VS and get measured the bras would never fit and I’d always start wearing the bra utilizing the smallest/ furthest-in clasps. 

When I tried on countless bras at Ann Summers they spotted this and gently reminded me that a new bra should be worn on the largest/ last clasps. This way as you wear it and eventually stretch the elastic you have more clasps to cinch it to correct size. It blew my mind. 

I think I also didn’t realize this because I have a smaller chest and no bra would ever fit unless it was a tight as it could go. Add that with needing my breasts to bulge for the occasional photo shoot and I was left with ill-fitting bras. But no more!!!

One sexy thing about the Alina bra design is the occasional pop of skin, like on the side of the band. There’s a little cut-out of the fabric just enough for some sexy skin to show without compromising the strength of the band. Speaking of sexy pops, I love that there is a thick strap in the cup where if one was to take a photo of themselves wearing said bra, it covers the nipple. #nipplehack

To finish the front look of this bra, the designer has added matching metal connectors to the gore (front center panel), and to the straps. I appreciate the use of metal here as no bra would last in my drawer/ lifestyle if they were plastic. 

Following the soft elastic band to the back of the bra, we are met with a set of three hook-and-eye clasps. I also want to note how the shoulder strap connects to the back of the bra. The adjustment strap is met by a connector and then the new strap separates into two and they create a “v” shape on the back part of the band. This allows for better weight distribution for the straps and overall comfort. Thank you, Ann, for that detail. 

After a whole day of wearing the bra, the center gore does dig into my sternum a bit. It does not leave any red marks which means that the bra fits correctly, just perhaps my body is sensitive to constraints. This makes total sense as I mentioned before, I don’t usually wear any bra.

That being said, I tend to choose this bra as one of my everyday bras. I do love the way my breasts feel in the cups and the way the material feels on my skin. For every day it’s worth it’s sexy with the eye-catching back clasps and mesh front. 

I really like all of my Ann Summers’ pieces and they were so affordable that I was able to walk away with more than expected. Their style has a range from sexy to feminine and a few spicy things in between. I would totally shop here again, and lucky for everyone they have an online store.