Designer: Ann Summers 
Piece: Body Chain
Website to purchase: Ann Summers Shop

One of the cool things about lingerie today is the concept of lingerie as outerwear. Now I don’t live in a big city, so wearing this hefty body chain out is saved for a bigger place where I am unknown. 

This body harness is quite the show-stopper no matter the city or bedroom you wear it in. My favorite part in the durability in this piece. You can wear this as a power play over your lover, or have your lover bind you extra with the serious attachment loops located in various places on the harness.

A shocking element when putting this harness on in the chill of the chains on the bare skin. No worries though, after a bit your body warms up the cold metal, plus your nipples will be extra naughty for playtime.

The strap around the neck does not feel as intimidating compared to the way it feels on. Sure you can strap it down really tight for an extra thrill, but otherwise, it is quite comfortable. Part of the comfort comes from the two durable straps that bind on the back. This helps distribute the weight of the chains so it’s not all a neck workout. 

I appreciate the way the chains droop under the breast and over the ribcage. It really compliments the shape of the body like an extra ribcage. There is a slight glint of rose-gold on the coloring of the chains which is nice. Typically I wear more silver jewelry and the rosiness of the chain color softens the idea of gold for me.

Though the leather is faux, it’s still pliable and soft and feels just fine against the skin. For the cool price of $30-ish for this piece, it’s definitely worth it.

Though for me it’s an intense piece, even in the bedroom, as it commands certain energy. When I put this little number on I feel like I’ve just slipped on my superwoman cape. The amount of confidence I feel is devilishly thrilling. 

*This product is no longer available online, see similar products