Designer: Bluebella  
Piece: Nova Basque & Nova Panty
Website to purchase: Nova Basque & Nova Panty

*Note: My own money bought these items. My opinions are my own. 

I scroll for hours each day on my Instagram, drooling over the gorgeous models in these luxurious lingerie pieces. One brand and design that kept catching my eye was Bluebella and their strappy Nova sets. 

I would look at these NOva sets and the models and think, “my body is never going to fit into that cup like that.” It all just seemed too posed in the images. How could that tiny thin flower lace cover the nipple so well in every photo?

I took the plunge. I bought the Nova Basque and crossed my fingers in hopes that I, too, could wear Nova sans nipples exploding out. I did take a risk ordering “my true size (28D, which in this case had to be 30C).” Typically I order a 34A, my sister size, but I wanted to be brave and order MY size, not a sister, to see if the fit would be better.

While I waited for my delivery, I went and read more about Bluebella and what they stand for. I found that Bluebella is 100% for the women. Owner, Emily Bendelle designs with the femme in mind. “We design to make women feel their most fabulous selves.”

This brand has encouraged women to discover, rediscover, or define what sensuality means for them. No matter the body type, shape, or color, Bluebella has a design for you in mind and your highest level of comfort. Lingerie should be part of you, not digging into you, Bluebella has done just that.


I jumped for joy and poked my husband repeatedly to show how well my breast fit into this little lace cage, nipples hidden and all! Being my very first basque, I was delighted to find that it fit me in the bust, torso, and waist. 

I was amazed when I put on this beautiful basque, and, just like the models in the photos, my boobs sat perfectly in these magnificently engineered cups. I even jumped around a little in front of the mirror to see if they/ the bra would stay put. I paused and silently congratulated Bluebella in my head for a mission complete. 

Beyond the fit, the structure and sewing of Nova is sturdy. Durable straps and guipure lace over the nipples, under the bust. At the waist, the lines draw the eyes to all the right places. The sexy mesh pulls just perfectly tight over the torso, hugging my natural curves. I love the added touch of the gemstone in the center gore, just for that little pizzaz. 

I appreciate how the lace is stitched down on the mesh/ straps so that when you (or someone) run their hands over it, it feels smooth. In my world, this can also mean fewer places to snag and rip. 

Speaking of appreciating details… this basque has an impressive 12 eye-hook clasps down the spine. Basques are like soft corsets, and though there’s a lot of structure, I can still move freely in this suit.

Nova has garter attachments, which are lovely and different from other bodysuits I’ve gotten, which are sans garter. Bodysuits serve a different purpose than basques, though I still like the thought of having to wear stockings with this sexy number.


There’s sexy underwear, and then there’s this pair of panties. I was excited to put on this open-rear underwear, especially since the “rest” of me felt ultra-secure. In other experiences with open-rear panties, I always felt a little exposed. It may sound silly, though it often felt draft.y With Nova, I felt fully dressed way down there.

The strappy lines of the panty hug my curves, complimenting my natural figure. Again, I was skeptical that this would look “this good” on me as it did the model, and it does! I appreciate the clever design and the fact that it’s very comfortable to wear. 


In some ways, I didn’t want to buy from Bluebella. They are a big company, and I want to put my money towards artists and small shop owners. In a sale, I took the plunge and bought this basque. I kept my expectations low as far as quality and stitching. I was still hopeful that this set would be all that it’s chalked up to be. 

When the items arrived in the mail, I was a little sad that it wasn’t in some fancy box, then again, I didn’t choose the extra $5 for special packaging. I think I got used to being spoiled from other smaller names who always ship in a box. 

None the less, I was excited and intrigued. To my happy surprise, everything felt secure, well designed, and with a women’s body in mind. I was impressed that this big name still can produce quality even with quantity. I don’t want to discourage anyone from being successful, just be sure that your customers and quality don’t suffer. Bluebella has done an excellent job at this standard.

Even more impressive than ergonomic and architectural lingerie by Bluebella is their effort to go green. They have structured their commerce around ethical trading and making sure that the beautiful people producing their work (all made in UK!). 

Though the grey bag wasn’t my initial favorite way to receive this lingerie, I later found out that most of their shipping materials are recyclable. They are doing their best to make 100% of them recyclable, and I feel we can have compassion here for this company. 

My final words, Bluebella is worth it, especially if you are new in the lingerie exploration. Bluebella offers a wide range of styles and prices and sales so that any femme can find what is right for them. Ladies, rest easy knowing that in the efforts made to produce your lingerie, 66% of that is by a woman’s hand.