Growing up fun lingerie become my secret power. No matter how challenging life could get I knew I had something nobody could take away; my underwear. Finding peace in the bathroom stalls of middle school, I’d pull down my pants only to smile inside and out looking at my icecream and donut-printed panties. 

As a lush 30-something, I still turn towards lingerie to set the mood for the day or the night. Yes, confidence is something that is deep within the soul, however, a little lace can go a long way.

Little did I know, lingerie has connected me to so many strong women. Women who feel the grrr of femme fatale and sexual power. Women who have become emboldened by their love for lace and lingerie. Some of my favorite bloggers and Instagram personas were kind enough to share their secrets to intimate confidence.

Lingerie is for the woman who embraces her spirit. This sexy Dane finds her power through Mother Nature:

“I’m a lingerie blogger and lover of the outdoors and nature. 

Lingerie makes me feel special – it’s a way of treating myself, and celebrating being a woman. I turn 50 this year and my love of lingerie has kept me in touch with my sexuality and focuses my mind on celebrating a life-stage which can feel challenging.”

Her favorite lingerie is Montana set by Something Wicked.

Sexy comes in all forms and even some that are bewitching. Motivated by magic and her love for mystery there is much more going on underneath this Witch’s clothes:

“I have loved lingerie for as long as I can remember. When I was a little girl, my mom had a hidden drawer full of lingerie that was all brand new with tags 

(she was too conservative to ever wear any of it), and I would sneak in & go through it and try things on every chance I could. The beautiful colors and delicate fabrics & lace absolutely intrigued me.

I love fantasy and whimsy and wearing costumes, and lingerie feels like a costume I can wear under my clothing. I may be wearing a normal outfit, but underneath my clothing, I could be dressed as a vampire queen, a fairy princess, a lacy milkmaid, a vintage femme fatale, etc. I also feel beautiful in lingerie and it has helped me to love myself more and be much kinder to myself.”

This Witche’s favorite lingerie is Kimiko by Agent Provocateur.