I love gifts.
Not in a superficial consumerism way, more of, “oh, you thought of me!?”, kind of way. I had fun with this little gifted-to-me set, yet it also made me really change my ideas around what kind of modeling/ representation I choose.

What I love about figure modeling, or working with a photographer is creating something out of nothing. [I support those who make lingerie fabrication as their art, like Uye Surana, Pretties by Laura, and Something Wicked.] Art is inherently beautiful and does not lose value. It does not wear down. Beyond these points, is compostable. Between my ceramic sculptor husband, and my bone mobile art, I love that what we create can be brought back to the earth.

We live in such a consumer-hungry world, and it’s up to us with the millions of choices we make in a day, to choose our Earth first. After this fast-fashion gig I decided I didn’t want to consume, and I didn’t want to support those who don’t support the employee. I realize the power in my actions and in my dollar.

When I buy underwear I want it to be art. When I buy a bowl to eat my beautiful home-grown food from, I want it to be art. I want my table to be art, and I want my dinner napkins to be art.

Sounds expensive? How expensive is buying paper plates and napkins when you can reuse plates and cloth napkins.

Remember the power you possess in your pockets and purses. With that said, this is the last time you’ll see me representing fast-fashion lingerie <3

Cheers to a change of pace and honing into my ethos!