Some of my friends know me as the Naked Yoga Teacher.

It’s not about being without clothing. It’s about loving yourself
Being confident in your skin… regardless of how many layers you have on.

Most of my life I have been terrified of my body.

I was so self-conscious about everything that I could hardly face myself in a room without mirrors. One day I decided that I wanted a better relationship with my body.

I wanted the superpower to look at myself, or feel myself, and think “I LOVE ME”.

I remember in High school when one of my besties and I were discussing shaving –down there.

I confessed my fears of the dark and hairy place called my crotch to my friend. She, being a woman beyond her years, laughed at me in adoration. She gave me the best advice about my “private parts” ever; “just reach down there and grab it, Nadia!”

Well, I went home and grabbed it all without fear! Much to my surprise, no wild beats emerged from the bush for me to slay off.

It was the first moment of body liberation for me.

I couldn’t believe how embarrassed or scared I had been to even explore myself! At this time in life, I could not fathom prancing around naked… not even for sex!


In college, I had a traumatic body experience and it left me utterly confused. I was scared to experience pleasure, fearing it may backfire on me. I was scared to let anyone see me nude, I didn’t think anyone would really want me. “I’m as good as a fleshlight” I would say to myself.

I did not have any relationship or connection with my body. No self love either physically or emotionally. I hated that. I was determined to love myself.

Being called “cute” all my childhood, I so desperately wanted to be SEXY one day. I didn’t just want to look sexy, I wanted to embody the ultra woman. Something about the way energy drips off her body and into the drooling mouths of everyone around her.

I refused this way of feeling about myself and decided to start a personal “5 Steps to Becoming Comfortable Naked Program”.

It started with some baby steps. After a shower, I would keep my towel on and fall asleep under the covers. This was naked to me. This was more naked than I had ever been, other than for the few moments in the shower.

After my nap, I would very slowly get dressed… this was my big step into being comfortable naked. I’m sure it would have been entertaining to watch someone try and take 20 minutes to get dressed.

It worked for me.

Eventually, I worked my way to cleaning my bedroom with just my intimates on… then the house… then to just straight up walking around naked all the time at home alone.

{I will say, if you are attempting this for yourself, my busty friend toasted her tit on the oven rack. Just be aware of the chore you’re doing and remember, you are hanging free!}

Great! I can be naked by myself, in my own home. Now, how to share that with a partner?

How stressful it can be to shed all of your armored coverings to show your bareness to someone else. Some people only share themselves in the dark! My body trauma made it so I had to have lights on during intercourse… a bit of a blessing in disguise in the end.

When I first started having sex I would only take off what was absolutely necessary to get the job done. Then, I’d put the clothes right back on. I was terrified!

What if they saw the dimple on my butt? Or the roll on my belly? Maybe they don’t like my pale skin tone?

Once I started my program to loving my body there was no turning back.


Having a partner I trusted and cared for increased my ability to be comfortable naked. This makes complete sense.

When I snagged my first boyfriend I was determined to be exposed around him.

When we would have sex I would very patiently wait at least 5 minutes post-pleasure to put any clothes back on. Plus, we would often have day sex, so I knew he could see every inch of me. I felt like I was under a magnifying glass!

I was scared to let someone see me for all of my truths, but I wanted him to see all the curves and crannies. I was headed to a positive body-love state so there is no room for body doubts and insecurities 🙂

Much to my amazement, he didn’t pull back in repulsion. In fact, we cuddled. We became even closer. I believe the more skin contact you have with a lover, the deeper your chemical bond is.

I was no longer in a rush to get the job done, and we ended up having more meaningful and heartfelt sex.


As my body matured and I had more time to understand it, learning to love me was easier.

I volunteered to be part of a panel to advocate EMDR for some students at WVU. There were 5 of us, sharing our stories of how EMDR helped us. One woman on the panel would change my life forever.

She had a rough story. What she went through seemed like something no one would be able to have energy left for anything. This woman was the coolest I had ever met.

She shouted to the class (about how the therapy helped her) “I know I’m FUCKING AWESOME!!”

I was floored. I couldn’t believe that someone who had all these things done to her could ever feel so good about themselves. I didn’t know that a person was allowed to have that passion and fire about life and their soul after a disaster.

She was rebuilt with titanium walls and I wanted that for myself.

I wanted the superpower to be confident walking down the street, moving through life with my friends as this person who loves themselves and believes they are fucking awesome. I know I am, and one day I knew I would feel it like she does.

Yoga helped me find a balance and connection with all of this self-love-work I had been doing for years. In training, I learned how beautiful watching a body breath was. I magnified this idea to understand how beautiful we are! In every way!


When I would teach my naked yoga classes I stressed to my nervous students that they could keep all their clothes on. They could even wear a parka!

What they all found out by the end of class was that clothing was more obstruction of movement. Being naked became easy almost immediately for them. It was never about the clothing or lack of, it’s about being real to yourself. Without obstruction, there is no need for a mirror to know how you feel about yourself.

It’s not easy facing yourself and really just embracing everything. Saying “I’m bloated, but I still love me”, or, “I haven’t shaved all winter and I love each one of my hairs!”. Sometimes I have to embrace my hormones or passionate loud Italian voice.

Loving myself is just like any other relationship. As I continue to grow and change, I have to pause and see who I am. You’ve got to work at it and nurture your self-love.

What being comfortable in my body translates to in my life now is feeling good about myself in general. I do feel like I have accomplished becoming the sultry confident woman I wanted to be, and have a husband who appreciates that about me. When I walk outside now I know I’m the shit, and it doesn’t matter if I’m the only one who knows it. I feel stable in who I am.