Note: The lingerie in this post was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

Designer: AnneBra 
Piece: Multiple Pieces
Website to purchase: [see purchasing online snippet below]

This past winter Jamie and I had the wonderful experience of traveling to Thailand for our first time. We ate some amazing foods, made new friends, and best of all for a girl on her honeymoon… plenty of luxury lingerie to choose from.

Though the Thai people are conservative, they know their worldly tourists well with endless laces, thongs, pushup bras, and other sensual accessories to purchase. 

No matter where I travel to, I like to buy a special article of clothing (or lingerie) that will always remind me of that trip. At home, I don’t shop or spend much so these purchases are extra special to me. Often they are higher in price, but as I have learned, quality counts in the long run and can end up saving a few bucks down the road.

After my lingerie shopping nightmare in Pittsburgh, I was relieved to find that Thailand had plenty of sexy options waiting for me to try on.

If you have the pleasure of visiting Koh Samui as I did, you’ve got to stop by the AnneBra store. Located in the heart of the Fisherman’s Village. The sweet shop keeper there can help you as much or as little as you would like. Along with their in-store treasures, they also have catalogs available so you can order something they may not be carrying or your right size. They have loads of lingerie, but they also design bathing suits and luxury nightlife dresses.

On to the fun stuff… the panties!

Below are a few items I purchased from AnneBra in Koh Samui, some of which are still available in the catalog, while the others I was unable to locate their style codes/ names. 

{NOT TRAVELING TO THAILAND? First off, you should, it’s amazing. Second, be sure to read below for how to order if you live in America}


This thong is darling and romance tied into one beautiful design. I’m not usually a fan of self-tie sides to bathing suits, much less underwear. These panties are an exception to that rule. For the first time ever with a self-tie, there is enough cloth to cover the parts that are intended to be covered. Cameltoe avoided.

The print itself is beautiful. With blue ferns and nature landscape delicately contrasting the pure white, and the lace design on the back of the thong is just absolutely exquisite. Perfectly pearled strands of blue trim lace that makes this thong a little more fun to wear [and see] than a straight cut.

Overall the cloth is very soft and doesn’t irritate at all. Though I have to choose my bottoms accordingly to compensate for the extra lace, I find these to be a fun and sexy choice for every day. [does have a bra option, I just did not purchase.]INFOStyle # AU3-832


This set is romance at its best. With dripping red crystals embroidered all around and the extra frill on the back side of the thong tell you this piece was made with attention. When I wear these two together I feel like a sexy chandelier walking around.

The garter material feels comfortable against my skin and I am pleased with the simplicity of the adjustable waist-strap. It functions just like a regular bra strap so no twisting or funny acrobatics to get it on, or adjust it to size. There are only two hosiery straps, one for each leg, I would recommend wearing stay-up stockings since there is not a ton of support from the belt itself. 

Top: Maison Close | Bottom: AnneBra

The thong panty is very sweet and romantic all on its own if you choose it alone. Underclothing, it feels like nothing is there, and walking around the house in just the panty still feels like there’s nothing there. I appreciate the designers thought about adding the crimped trim on the back of the panty. I personally appreciate this look because, to me, it makes a luxury thong feel classy with just that little bit of my bum being covered.

Overall, I love this set. I wear it on special occasions, and the thong I wear for everyday spiciness. I know this is one of my partner’s favorite pieces so I like to make it special and don’t always wear it. The materials are quality and will hold up, they are also soft and featherweight making them easy and comfortable to wear. [does have a bra option, I just did not purchase.]


I fell in love with AnneBra the first three times I walked by the store. I can’t say how happy I am to have walked in and have the personal attention and care they gave me. Every one of their pieces has instantly become my favorites. What’s extra special about their products is that even though they look and feel and function like luxury panties, they are everyday comfortable.

AnneBra style is classy and sweet, with some sets being more sultry and sexy. No matter what AnneBra item you choose, it’s going to be a handcrafted work of art. Each piece has small details that other streamline designers avoid, and AnneBra does right. 

The really great thing about this luxury lingerie designer is that you get the quality and detail while still paying incredibly reasonable prices. The thongs I purchased from them were all around the $10-12 range, which I think is cheap considering the level of quality you get. 


Since this is a smaller brand from halfway around the world you can’t simply order off their website, but you can still order even if you live in the USA!

My best advice, have fun with this adventure. The Thai people are so sweet and nice and they will hold your hand through the entire process. I have written them a few messages and they have always responded promptly.

The process is actually simple, just visit their website and send them an email to and ask for a catalog of their products. They will send Excel/ spreadsheet files with pictures and item number, etc. and you can simply tell them what you want!