Note: The lingerie in this post was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

Piece: L’Antichambre Open Thong Set
Website to purchase: Darkest Fox

I was a lingerie-addicted woman on the hunt for something to wear on her honeymoon.

Even when I was a little girl, the wedding was never something I daydreamed about. It was the honeymoon and the exotic place my husband and I would go. The amazing tan I would get, the fancy drinks with garnishes and umbrellas, laying on a bench at a beach that we paid for… endless ideas and thoughts about how this vacation would go.

To make a long story short — my honeymoon was everything I dreamed of and more. What really tied it together was how I felt when I put on Maison Close’s L’Antichambre Open Thong Set.

I wanted the night to be special, and I wanted to feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. After searching for months for “that piece” I knew I had made the right choice when I ordered from Darkest Fox, a boutique lingerie store with high-quality products.

I have purchased many articles of bras and thongs and crotchless panties over the years, but L’Antichambre was beyond expectation.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous to spend money on quality lingerie. I have purchased semi-pricey lingerie in the past, and countless pricey bras and panties from Victoria’s Secret. All those things, no matter if I spent $1 or $50, they all fell short of the dreamy girls in the ads.

This was my honeymoon dammit, and if I want to feel sexy and my first quality lingerie only costs a little more than some of my “everyday-wear” then I shall have it! I placed my order and in just a few days my first package of Darkest Fox lingerie was on my doorstep.

Needless to say, the set did the trick for my honeymoon, and to be honest I could hardly tell I was wearing anything at all. Overall, it was the most comfortable lingerie set I have ever tried on.


I typically feel like I am going to die in bras, this beautiful treasure here was like a supportive cloud. Since I have smaller breasts I wasn’t looking for a great deal of support, more like when Jamie hold my hand when sending an important email. There, but not there.

I was happy to not feel the strap digging into my shoulders even though I sinched them rather snug to give the girls a little extra “umph”.

I think for the first time ever a bra fits me perfectly around my chest. I can clasp the back with ease, and again, no digging straps. I really could not be more pleased with the result, I wasn’t sure if I had ordered the right size, but luckily the online size sheet lead me to a path of comfort!


If you have ever worn crotchless panties {not made by a lingerie artist} then I know your struggle and pain.

Again, Maison Close has a design that is made for a real woman’s body and can honestly be my new everyday-wear. The panties fit me just right, no tight edged or pokey stitches. When I move around in them they don’t rub me the wrong way. I love this about them because when I slip off my dress I didn’t have to accompany it with a strange wedgie-dance. I can remain composed in my seductive mood, feeling confident that this muse will get her way.


I am a lover of all things lace and feminine. This complete set ties the wonderland within the lace to the attitude I wear when garnished in these robes.

I love the pale-nude mesh that matches my skin tone perfectly. It provides that whimsical look of floating lace while holding everything into place. The mesh has a slight shimmer which brings me much joy when the light hits it just right. I feel like a sparkly lingerie queen.

The panties match my bra without the mesh, which is nice since I want everything to be visible. Again, the lace here is gorgeous and very soft.

I am rough on anything that enters my home… this set is well made. It survived my honeymoon night and many nights following. It has held up even when it accidentally makes it into the wash with bulky clothing.

Since purchasing L’Antichambre Open Thong Set I have directed many of my friends to Darkest Fox. I know they are a good company that cares about their customers.

I know they are worth every penny based on the quality of my purchases and gifts from there.

More specifically, Maison Close is an amazing designer who not only know their way a woman’s body is curved but knows how to choose quality material and stitch patterns.

I am most pleased with this first Maison Close design and will be purchasing sexier from them!