Pearlle Lingerie review
Designer: Pearlle 
Piece: Anne
Website to purchase:


This is a well-planned set. With fun strappy designs, every bit of the bra and panty have something fun for the eye to see. 

Shall we begin with the push-up bra; details like symmetrical lace patterns emboss the whole cup. Pearlle chose laser-cut material for the center panel and the bands, well-chosen as it makes this bra very comfortable to wear every day. An added strap to make a V-shaped design on the apex [top] of the bra adds some spunk and fun to the front design. Along the band, near the hooks, are more complementary V-shaped straps that tie the design to the back of the bra.

The panties carry the clever design with laser-cut edges to give the “invisible” look under clothes. Just like on the bra, there is the criss-cross strappy design on the hipbones for some eye candy. Part of the front panel is trimmed with matching lace and the sleekness continues with the printed on tag.

Compared to the other sets, these panties are not as high waisted and still very comfortable. I appreciate the satiny silky feel to this set as well. It feels to me lick this design had some extra attention. It can be hard for different bodies [and for the designer] to get these criss-cross loose straps to lay flay and correctly on the body. As you can see, these intricate designs are meant to be worn by a normal body <3