Pearlle Lingerie review
Designer: Pearlle 
Piece: Charlotte
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*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 


This choice was going for something a little different than what’s already in my wardrobe. Since I have smaller breasts this demi-bra was an ideal choice as I don’t require full support or coverage of my breast. This set is very comfortable, but at my fault, I ordered the bra just slightly too big [it will probably be perfect on my cycle though!] and the panties a little small. This is in no way an impact on Pearlle, just me learning my true sizes. In fact, this is a good opportunity for us to remember that all companies vary and luckily for Pearlle shoppers that have a sweet return policy. Also, I have learned my ass can be a lot for some panties [people?] to handle.
See model bio for size help.

If you have fuller breasts and or wide shoulders I would highly recommend this bra. Even though it’s a demi, it really does have great support and comfort. For smaller chested gals, or those that like a lift, I discovered my breasts with this bra. The shape inside the cup pushes my breasts towards the middle and voila! Pokeable cleavage! The middle straps of sexy also accentuate the breast’s curve and draw the eyes to the meat.

Let’s keep going about the sexy details on this set. The lace: a gorgeous extra touch that turns this bra from plain, to fancy Charlotte. Even the touch of lace on the panties add just the right amount of spice to a deceptively comfortable piece. One comment to the seamstress, I wish the lace seams matched with the point of the bra. For me, it would have made the straps sit a little better on my body, and perhaps more ergonomic for a breast shape in general. The straps would function a little better for me too if the lace was sewn just a hair to the outside on the front of the piece. Again, for a fuller breast and wider chest/ shoulders, I think this would be just fine.

Okay, panty talk now. besides my butt being too big for the small, they are extremely comfortable. The “invisible” cut on the edge does not dig in and lays flat on the skin. I love love love the fact that the tag is printed on the inside. No extra cutting or worry that I’ll cut my panty when trying to remove a tag. The inner lining is not noticeable to my skin, or hardly my eye! That is how seamless this panty is. If you’re ordering this panty, may I suggest going up a size [possibly] to ensure comfort… for the bra, use the smaller sister size 

Size: 34B | S
Color: Black Solid
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