Pearlle Lingerie review
Designer: Pearlle 
Piece: Erin
Website to purchase:

*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 


Let’s state the obvious and agree that this blue color is gorgeous. Pearlle has done a good job here again with symmetry with lace and design. She has even added fun layering over the cups with some trimmed mesh.

The cuts on the edges of the underwire are very clean and lucky for us, there is a nice bow in the center gore. If you are the kind of person that likes to wash things in a clothes washer [instead of by hand like me] this bow will help hide any wear that comes from the underwire section. 

The added strip of mesh is actually not just for show either, its functionality plays a big role in bust support. Personally, my breasts are a little fuller on the outsides so I love this extra pull and support here. Really ties the ladies together nicely!

This bra isn’t laser-cut like the ANNE, but it is still very soft around the bands, and still give an “invisible look” under clothes. Even though there’s lace on the cups themselves, it does not show strongly through a shirt.

Pearlle has a 3-hooks for her bra clasps and I’ve gotta say, I rather like the extra hook. Sometimes I think bras pinch and pull [and wear faster overall] with just two hooks. The third hook makes the band just slightly wider, but adds ⅓ more support, eye candy, and will help from stretching over time. Something I learned from reading In Intimate Detail,by Cora Harrington, is that 80% of chest support comes from the band, not the straps. Your straps should only be like helpful assistants, not the major player when it comes to supporting.

The matching panties for this set are beautifully done as well. I want to begin by noting the criss-cross band action that is front and center of the panty. I really like to wear these panties when I feel like I want extra support and assurance on my bum. Do you know what I mean? Like some days I’m okay with no panty, and some days I’m okay with looser panties that will bunch up in my crack. Then there are days where I want to wear underwear and know that my panties have my backside, these panties do just that for me. They stay put and work just like a good panty should. 

They tie in the flowery lace that was on the bra and has also added some fun dot-lace. I really love panties that are all mesh and lace over the front and back. I’m a rather active person and in my mind, the extra air-flow really plays a nice party in avoiding sweaty butt. Plus, they are super sexy. Like all Pearlle panties, she had a cotton liner in the crotch to help keep things healthy down yonder.