Pearlle Lingerie review
Designer: Pearlle 
Piece: Naugh-Tia
Website to purchase:

*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 


Here’s the piece that’s chosen for my man, but also, well, its Naughtia! If I had a quarter for every time someone said that to me…

This lingerie set certainly lives up to the name. With sexy frills and extras around every curve, adjustable straps with cute gold hardware, this is my favorite piece out of the three. When I put it on I was momentarily lost in all the straps, but a quick glance on Pearlle’s website reminded me of the way this design works.

The first moment I fell in love with this bra was when I noticed the adorable sleeve caps on the shoulder. Even when it bunches slightly under clothing the sleeves aren’t a bother, just adorable as hell when you take your shirt off.

While in the middle of our photoshoot a visitor stopped by which required the throwing-on of clothing very quickly. As I was standing talking to our visitor I realized that even though I was wearing a strapped dress with an open back none of my bra straps were visible. It was awesome. What I love about lingerie is that it’s a surprise. Nobody but you has to know what naughty things you wear underneath, this bra shape makes the surprise possible. One moment you’re wearing your normal get up, next thing you know you’re a sexy temptress underneath it all.

The belly straps were the confusing part, but again, very intuitive to understand, or cheat like me and look at a picture. the very adjustable straps ensure that these sexy lines will fit your body as seen on screen. There’s nothing more annoying than purchasing something that requires only that model body to fit right. Naughtia bra fits all!

Let’s get down to the bottom with the Naughtia set, literally. The panties are incredibly comfortable and true to size. The lace is semi-elastic so even if my body changes or moves, the panties accommodate my life. I personally LOVE full coverage, especially lace or mesh panties because fo me I get the comfort, for onlookers they get the sexy lace and a mystery ass.

With both the bra and panty Pearlle has done a great job with symmetrical lace. This attention to detail and patterns tell me that the designer and seamstress are legit serious about their products. Just like with the other sets, the hardware on this is made of metal, black metal on the shoulder straps and clasps and sexy shinny clasps on the belly straps.

Size: 34B | S
Color: Peach with Black Lace
Purchase here:

OVERALL DESIGNER THOUGHTS: I vote GO PEARLLE! Having owned my own retail store I know how challenging it can be to run such an operation and in my opinion, she is killing it.

The company looks, feels, and truly operates and a unified family. They have great policies on returns, shipping and overall super easy to purchase from. Details like metal hardware and symmetrical lace shows me that this company is serious about feeling sexy, and making their clients feel sexy. For the price, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find another company who equals this quality. In this case, the client is certainly getting out on top.

The packaging alone, with the tied ribbon and tissue wrapped products, shows me that this is a quality company. On their own, they’ve done a great job with social media, and lingerie conventions. Pearlle is in the game now and I surely will be fishing from her pond more in the future. <3