Pearlle Lingerie review
Designer: Pearlle 
Piece: Serene
Website to purchase:

*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 

Be aware: becoming a lingerie model may desensitize your partner to sexy intimates. 

Hahaha, this is what I said to my husband after trying on three out of five new sets of lingerie. Luckily, he assured me that it would take a lot more to desensitize him. We are willing to take the risk.

Having been in the lingerie industry for a year now [wow a year already!] I have learned to love my body more and more. I know it’s a major buzzkill when you get all excited to go shopping and then you go and nothing fits. Who wouldn’t be bummed? When things fit…. oh lord, buy three!

Trying on lingerie you get very excited to see the shape of your butt, your breasts and overall have that sexy feeling. If you try something on and it doesn’t quite fit keep in mind that it may just not be made for your body shape.

It has absolutely nothing to do with how beautiful, or smart, or wonderful you are. It has everything to do with who the designer had in mind when they created their piece. Just try another size or style or maybe a new designer all together.

Pearlle is a great example of an attentive designer. After our first collaboration, she helped me choose better sizes for my body, and she curated the following beauties based on my look and comfort.

The following pieces are from one of her earlier collections, BELLA. Welcome to the Bella Collection:


High-waisted cuts are back in style, and why shouldn’t it be? The high cuts flatter a woman’s figure while covering a large area, for a secure and sexy feeling. The peeks of skin behind the cut lace is also a subtle yet sexy touch. 

The material used for this polyamide, with a cotton gusset, and it is soft and gentle around the edges. I appreciate having the tag printed on the inside. I hate having to cut a tag from a new pair of panties. I have a small panic attack just before the snip fearing that I’ll cough and cut them in the wrong way destroying them forever!!! In this case, crisis averted. 

The bra is very beautiful with a high-cut lace to match the panties. The lace comes up pretty high on my neck. Adjusting the straps made the collar even tighter, making comfort a fine dance. Lingerie as outerwear is becoming more and more trendy; this design is in the right direction. I think what I needed was actually a smaller cup size. This would have made the high-neck lace a little shorter/smaller and the cups would lay nicer. 

This just goes to show why trying a ton of sizes is so important! My other bras from Pearlle in this same exact size all fit great. Who knows, maybe when I am on my cycle my engorged chest will fill it out and it’ll be a perfect fit.

The chest band is laser-cut leaving a clean seamless look under clothing. All of the hardware is metal, wich is always a good sign of quality. One fun thing about this entire collection [spoiler] is that the straps and back clasps all say Bella on them. Pretty sweet touch if you ask me!


Pearlle is exactly what you think it might be just from the name. It’s classy, simple, and fun lacey designs. Watching Pearlle grow is exciting; she has produced sets that are great for everyday wear and also designs sets that definite panty droppers. Pun fully intended. 

Her designs are clever and original with no expense to being interesting. Every time I get a package I am so giddy to see what beautiful design I get to wear next. No matter what design comes in it’s always really comfortable to wear. 

I’ve gotta come clean here. As much as I love lingerie I generally forget to put on bra and panties. When I try on Pearlle’s intimates I forget that I’m wearing anything at all and then I love the way I look in my clothes so the next day I wear something Pearlle again. I have really become hooked to wearing lingerie again now that I know comfort exists with Pearlle.