Designer:Mrs.B’s Undies
Website to purchase: Mrs.B’s Undies

*Note: I did not purchase these items with my own money. My opinions are still my own.

Tucked right outside of London is the headquarters of Mrs.B’s Undies; a kinky, sexy (online) shop of lingerie and teasers. Their shop is perfect for anyone who’s looking for fantasy lingerie, and lingerie that is comfortable for all.

I was lucky enough to receive some of Mrs.B’s erotic mesh bodysuits and garter-mimicking tights. 

I’ve worn sets like these before and I always love them. The material is soft, stretchy, and just elastic enough around the waist without constricting my belly. The material for such wonder-tights is a blend of nylon and elastane for a super-soft feel.

Mesh lingerie is probably one of my favorites for a night out or an erotic adventure in the bedroom. They stretch a whole ton so if your bloaty or your body has changed, chances are this sultry hosiery will always fit beautifully.

Mesh Bodysuit

A full mesh bodysuit is a must-have for any kinky bedroom fun. Bodysuits are an easy one-piece outfit that perfectly hugs the curves. You can layer tantalizing accessories over a mesh suit for a quick transformation to erotic temptress.

I love layering a bodysuit with a skirt and crop top for an extra daring impression on a night out. At the end of the night, you’ll entice your partner for a few more hours of fun before bed. 

A bodysuit like this is fairly inexpensive and if your fantasy is to tear open some hosiery then this is an outfit you’ll want. The material is strong and stretchy, though if your goal is to tear them apart you can do so without breaking your budget.

Crotchless Black Fishnet Lace Detail Tights

If you haven’t tried one of these new false-garter belt tights you’re missing out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic garter belt and hosiery setup, however, these fishnet tights get the same look without any fuss.

This smooth look is great for tight dresses and skirts where a garter would normally show bumps and lines. 

Crotchless tights give the appearance of that garter, which means the legs also look elongated. I love this effect, being a short person myself. I also won’t deny the ass-enhancing cuts that these crotchless tights possess. With the crotch and rear being ouvert, the bands that also mimic a garter also hug to the sides of your bum, thank you

Satin Nipple Covers w/ Chain

I love a good set of nipple covers, also known as pasties. They are so seductive, while not revealing absolutely everything.

These are the first nipple covers that don’t have any adhesive and require pastie glue. I think I may superglue some kind of silicone or temporary pastie to the inside of these to keep them put. 

For the photoshoot, I just tucked the nipple covers under my mesh bodysuit and they stayed well enough! 

Nipple covers with chains connecting them offer a tantalizing and edgy look. The chain is delicate and not suitable for rough play, though perfect for a sultry strip-tease or household promenade.

If you thought this set of lingerie and accessories was fun you’ll like what else Mrs.B’s likes to offer.