Since the Pandemic everything has changed for everyone.

This year I was looking forward to quiet holidays with family. Our plans of some light travel and visiting our parents didn’t pan out, however, the best family is the one you choose.

Dear friends of ours and their two little ones came over to spend the long night with us. They were sure they would not be able to stick it out until midnight, thinking the kids would be cranky before then.

With the magic of virtual reality and a silk tie, both kids were content.

We adults rallied and drank prosecco and red wine and whiskey through the night. 

It is Italian tradition to eat pizza on New Year’s Eve, and naturally, we ate pizza all the way till midnight.

There are some hours that stretch out forever, and then some nights that are over before you know it.

This was one of those nights.

This play session with Issac was my favorite.

I loved the color, I love the shapes, and you can clearly see that I am having a blast exploring!