Designer: Something Wicked 
Piece: Nina Demi Bra Set
Website to purchase: Nina Demi Bra Set

*Note: these items were purchased with my own money. My opinions are my own. 

While some dream of a big house, I dream of a big collection of lingerie that makes me feel like the sexiest dame alive. This exploration of owning the female body for herself means finding the right wear for the job. 

When I began hunting for a lingerie set that would make me feel invincible I turned straight to Darkest Fox. I purchased one of my favorite bras from them for my honeymoon; I knew they had the right attitude for this mission.

After drooling over countless gorgeous handmade intimatewear I finally and happily decided to purchase my first leather set from the designer, Something Wicked

Leather is a special thing. I managed to score a lamb leather dress for $7 at a thrift store, but what I was about to receive would beat anything leather I owned. 

This is me in my Nature Spirit expression. She who nurtures and conquers all.
I also had a blast of a time shooting with my friend Cyd!

Something Wicked is something wonderful to behold. Based in the UK, this team of female designers and creators sustainably source and produce their magic. This luxury lingerie brand is one of the ultimate in my book. 

Being an earth-loving, female-strong kind of gal, I feel great purchasing from Something Wicked knowing I can trust them to make something ethically and drop-dead gorgeous. I want to add their emphasis on making women feel sexy and worth it every day, not just special occasions. 

The awakening of the playful wicked side in each of us is a wonderous thing to behold. A woman in lingerie made by Something Wicked is a powerful force indeed.

Nina Demi Bra

I think my jaw dropped when I spied this bra on the website. I loved the curves that the underwire brought out, I loved the intense double straps, and the extreme demi-cut of the cups. It was love at first sight, but I wondered about how functional or wearable the bra really was. 

I decided the best way to know, was to experience first-hand. In just a short time a beautiful box from the UK arrived at my doorstep. 

Without missing a beat, I gently yet excitedly tore into the tissue and happy-danced all over my kitchen waving my new bra and underwear overhead. I threw off my clothes and slipped into my new digs.

The bra was much more substantial than I thought it would be. I have a tendency to break things and I was more than elated to find that this bra would be able to keep up with me. 

 I have to be honest, it took me a while to figure out how to wear this bra correctly. It all seems so logical now, tight band –– loose straps, but it definitely took me some time. I think the extreme cuts and my nipple placement threw me off, but rest assured, you can wear this sexy number under a tank top any day of the week. 

I have nice but smaller breasts and I am shocked that for a bra that does not have any push-up fabric, my boobs appear deliciously engorged. The bra sculpts my figure, it doesn’t push it into a shape. It flatters the female figure. 

The lining of the bra is not leather, but it is pillowy soft. The straps against my shoulders are made of the softest leather ever. I find myself moving around just so I can feel the buttery straps brush against my skin. Lucky for me, there are two straps on each side.

Like the cups, behind the center gore is soft fabric. The high metal gore does not dig into the sternum as one might imagine. It lays well right against the body. The back and side of the band are mesh, again, super soft and giving to the natural curves of the body. The ends are met by gold eye-hook hardware. 

Nina Ouvert Briefs

I personally love full coverage underwear over a thong, and these ouvert style briefs make them look edgy and sexy. Matching the bra with mesh and leather panels, these bottoms only give some away to the beholder. 

The full mesh front is teasingly sexy, and the bum-side access peep-hole matches its tantalizing design. 

Again, the panties were more substantial than I imagined. For as sexy as they are, I was glad to have the full coverage and assurance for an all day wear. I do tend to wear nicer lingerie like this less than my everyday, however, I believe that even the sexiest lingerie should be comfortably wearable anyday. 

I was glad that the center crotch of the underwear was not leather, and no leather nearby. This makes hand washing these delicates easier for me when I try to avoid leather and water. The small thoughts like this one show the time and care behind the design. 


Did I mention how much I love Something Wicked and its team? In the behind the scenes of this venture I failed to order the correct size the first go around. Out of shame and fear of not being able to return the bra I waited a long while before I reached out. 

When I finally built the courage to exchange the bra the staff at Something Wicked held my hand the whole step of the way! They helped me carefully measure myself and we compared some bra sizes that I already had. I was able to easily exchange my bra and received its replacement in no time.

Following the brand on social media my love for them was locked in. I love what the women of the company are doing. I love how confident and strong the models in their designs look. I love that they carefully choose what is going to be placed on my delicate and sensitive areas. 

I highly recommend this company if you are on a similar mission to feeling amazing, or if you just want Something Wicked.