Sex, more or less, is unavoidable. We grow up, we find partners and we have sex. Hopefully lots of it, either with one or multiple partners, at the same time or spread out. 

It is an unfortunate thing to always hear about sex and learn, for a woman, that the first time is going to hurt or generally suck. Women, we put up with a lot of pain, bullshit, and stupidity. In our modern world, we have the power to decide what a good sexual experience means for us. 

After reading “The Female Price on Male Pleasure  and learning about OHNUT, I personally decided that my sex was no longer going to be folded into confusing moments of pleasure or pain. 

My partner and I have been together for 4 years now and we admit that we love our sex life. We tout how good we are about communicating our needs, desires, and when it’s time to hit that special button. As open and candid we are about our sexual adventures I would still experience excruciating pain sometime in intercourse. 

We called it “my scrambled eggs”, which sounds nasty and painful, and that pretty sums up the truth about it. Even though we would spend lots of time warming up my body, preparing her for pleasure, sometimes it wasn’t enough. After penetration, I would be buckled over in great pain in my abdomen. 

This happened on occasion when we would engage in rough penetration, he would get too deep, thus scrambled eggs. 

Ohnut is an intimate wearable comprised of a series of stretchy rings that link together and let you customize the depth of penetration's like a soft & squishy buffer between your body and the thing penetrating you.
Life’s too short for painful sex. Meet Ohnut: a customizable wearable designed to make sex enjoyable for everyone Playful. Smart. Doctor approved.
Use Ohnut with a partner, a dilator, or a toy! Ohnut is safe for bodies, bedroom companions, and water & silicone-based lubes.

Everything changed with OHNUT. This magical stack of polymer rings transformed the way my partner and I approach sex. In fact, it changed his male philosophy on using toys in the bedroom. He never had an issue with dildos or vibrators, as some men do when faced with giant tentacle rubber dildos. 

OHNUT did the very opposite to his mentality of what a dildo may do to a man’s brain. OHNUT made him confident, not feeling incompetent. The idea that his package is “too big” for my body gave him an extra sense of confidence neither of us expected. 

Using OHNUT has become a fun game for us, how many do we want to stack this time? Aka… “how roughly are we going to have sex today?” Another perk of using OHNUT is the swell and hardening of the penis for a longer-lasting sexual experience. 

Made with a body-safe polymer that’s also BPA, phthalate, and latex-free, OHNUT is fun for everyone. If your man (or dildo) is packing, OHNUT offers a larger, stretchier size for extended fun. 

It’s safe to say that OHNUT has brought our sexuality to a deeper place. Definitely, for the better, OHNUT is a toy in the bedroom that won’t be going anywhere. 

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