Pearlle Intimates
Designer: Pearlle Intimates
Piece: Emma Set
Website to purchase: Pearlle Intimates

*Note: I did not purchase these items with my own money. My opinions are still my own.

If I could dream up clean and classy lingerie for a mermaid I would probably come up with something that looks like Emma. This set evokes feelings of coral and sea bubbles in my mind.

This bubble lace is unlike any that I have seen before, kuddos to Pearlle for the original design! Other than seafoam and mermaids, the Emma set is soft. It feels like a second skin, it moves smoothly over my body. Lingerie is something you should be thinking about when you go to choose what to put on. It’s not something you should be thinking about while you have it on.


In comparison to the Olivia double push-up bra, this one feels as light as air. I can move, breathe, and go about my day without even thinking about the bra. This is so important to me as I believe lingerie should bring joy, not discomfort. If you typically wear bralettes but you want to plunge into an extreme double push-up I high recommend this bra. 

Emma has complimentary straps coming down the cleavage, met by a studded “diamond” bead. I’m not sure if Pealle meant to design this way, though this bead can slide up and down the cleavage straps. This is really fun as you can pull down the diamonds and make the straps plunge or pull it up to show off the glittery beauty. You get to decide your femme story for the day/night. 

I am so very tempted to keep writing about the soft lightweight comfort of this bra (seriously the most comfortable bra considering all the padding and push up action), though the lace needs some verbal attention. This bubble lace is so very soft, and even though it is not sewn down, which is playful and fun, it does not shift or get in the way of your outfit. I like the way Pearlle styled this lace to the side of the bra too. This way you can wear any kind of shirt without worrying about lace bumps showing up. 

Even though this is a double push-up, it is so very comfortable. A lot of times when I wear a push-up bra I feel like the machine gun actress from Austin Powers. Emma is feather-light,  organically fits on the body and even though my boobs are pushed up, I feel completely natural in this.


All the delicious aspects of the Emma bra, lightweight, soft, and super comfortable apply to the matching bikini panty. 

I love the side of the bikini, where the sea-foam lace gets repeated from the bra design. Complimentary to the plunge straps and diamond, there is a little metal bracket and a thin strap above the lace on the hip bones.

This panty features the “seamless” design, which I always love as I don’t love panty lines. As I wear the bikini throughout the day they do rise up a little in the butt, however, I find that my butt eats most panties and even still, they are cozy and comfortable to wear. 

I always appreciate a full overage panty, it makes me feel secure. With winter coming along I never mind the extra fabric on my base layer, keeping me extra cozy. 


This appropriately named Emma set is one for the drawer. Emma is the perfect combination of lightweight, double push-up, and classy. Pearlle has been around for over a year now and this set shows her growth. The fabric, the cuts, and the lightweight material make it hard for anyone to turn down her wares. 

If you’re looking for new everyday sets and sexy pushups, Pearlle is your girl! Based out of California, this American label is growing in some exciting directions.