Pearlle Intimates
Designer: Pearlle Intimates  
Piece: Eva Double Push Up Bra & Eva Bikini
Website to purchase: Pearlle Intimates

*Note: I did not purchase these items with my own money. My opinions are still my own.

The best part of wearing lingerie in today’s world is the fact that underwear is becoming outerwear. Men started the trend with their boxers hanging out back in the ’90s. Today lingerie designers are finding wonderful ways to make your beautiful undergarment pop. With how beautiful lingerie is I am happy that it’s acceptable now to show it off. 

The Eva bra and bikini present just the right amount of femme, edgy, and every day. This set features “invisible” seams. For everyday lingerie this is one of my favorite cuts, I never have to worry about bra band lines or underwear lines under my clothes.



Pearlle has several push-up bra options, from regular pushup to this miracle of a double push up bra! Being small chested I am not accustomed to having my breasts stick out from my body, though there are times where I want exactly that look. This bra more than does the trick. 

As you can see in the image, there are two nice thick plush pads inside the cup for the “double push up” action. This sewn-in design padding feels soft against my skin. The side padding helps keep my breast pushed towards the center of my body, while the bottom pad pushes my ladies up!

The best part is that there are no gaps when I wear this bra. To help minimize gaps with a full coverage bra I tend to tighten the straps a little more than on a bralette. By doing this, the crisscross straps over the chest lay nicely on my body. These crisscross straps are the right touch of underwear as outerwear. With a normal tank or low shirt, you can admire the design without worrying if your grandmother will be scandalized. 



Seamless underwear is my answer to full coverage without panty lines under my clothes. The cut and shape of this panty remind me of the classic “white panty”. I reach for Eva when I’m stumbling around my bedroom at 7 am reaching for comfort in my underwear drawer. They are a no-brainer to start and end my day with. 

As always, I appreciate it when a tag is printed on the inside of the panty. It’s probably one of my biggest peeves to have a perfectly comfortable pair of underwear except for the itchy tag. No worries on that front here!


Eva is a great every day with some extra strappy-spice to keep the blood flowing. Some color variations on the website include lace, however, this white variety is just smooth fabric. As much as I love lace, it’s really necessary to have a couple of bras and underwear that are smooth. 

I like that I can have this smooth bra with the sexy straps; if you like lace then get the Eva Push Up in blue. This bra seriously means double push up for those who are smaller and want the extra cleavage, or even for larger breasts that want a little lift. 

Whats you’re your favorite Pearlle item? Tell me in the comments below! <3