Designer: Pearlle Intimates
Piece: Olivia Lace Bra & Bikini Set
Website to purchase: Pearlle Intimates

*Note: I did not purchase these items with my own money. My opinions are still my own.

How lucky am I to be sitting here amongst the fall leaves, drinking my hot tea, and writing about yet another young, female, American lingerie designer. If you’re new to Pearlle’s story here’s a synopsis: Into her third career, third child, this 30-year-old extraordinaire based out of California is gifting the world of lingerie with her visions. 

This round I get to show off the new Olivia set. This collaboration spurred from the fact that I only wore red and black lingerie. Feeling the struggle Pearlle sent me a set of Olivia in both white and razzy-red. 

This is what I love about Pearlle’s lines. First, she has great designs at an every-day affordable price. You, the client, sleep better at night knowing you’re supporting a local-made business. Lastly, I love the color options you get with each of her designs. Everyone gets to find what they love, in multiple shades.


Olivia is full coverage, fully-lined, and lightly padded bra lace bra. With my small chest, I never know if my breasts will fill a full coverage bra like this, thanks to Pearlle’s keen designs my girls fit the whole cup of the bra without any gaps. 

The design of the cup has a sweet detail of scalloped lace laying against the chest on the edges of the seams. In fact, I really appreciate that the beautiful lace covers the entire bra, band, and side gussets. When you find pretty lace, cover everything with it!

I especially love the center gore on this bra. There is the first center gore that binds the two cups together. Just below the first gore is a second, full lace gore. The design continues with two crisscrossing straps, centered by a white metal “O” ring. The whole thing is stabilized by soft boning on the side of the band.

Pearlle is an every-day sexy brand, and she knows that her customers like to toss their lingerie in the wash. I mention this because the soft boning is a sign of the customer in mind. If this bra had still bones it would not be able to bend and flow in the rough cycles of the wash. 

Moving to the back of the bra, you’ll see the telltale signs of Pearlle’s designs with her three-hook clasps. I’m pretty sure every bra I’ve gotten from Pearlle has at least three closure hooks. I appreciate these small but pricey details as it changes the mood from vanilla to something special. The straps can readjust from the back from regular straps to crisscross. I like the detail of keeping the straps sewed in the front, less fear of bands popping or slipping off during the day. With this variation I can wear Olivia with a tank or a racer-back shirt. Thank you choices!


Comfort is all over this set, the panty features a seductive lace front, with a fully covered bum. Why do I love this front-back relationship? For reasons of comfort and eye candy. I get to have my sexy lace while also feeling totally secure. Personally, I love briefs and full-coverage cuts as I believe the mystery is what makes the body alluring.

Olivia is trimmed with a soft satiny ribbon of material, neatly coming together on the sides of the hips. These bands give with the shape of my body, while just cupping my bum gently for a “tucked-in” feeling.

The scalloped-edged lace runs along the top of the panty, mimicking the edges of the bra cups and band. Complimenting the crisscross and bone structure of the bra are two bands of stiffer ribbons. I enjoy these as again, it makes the normal feel a little extra; like I’m wearing a fancy corset on my pelvis.


I love this set. I love the extra touches of lace and bones and the center gore crisscross. For a full-coverage bra, it’s pretty light and giving to the shape of my body. The inside of the bra has a soft liner where the boning and underwire touch the body, making the connection from frame to skin comfortable. 

The wider band subconsciously reminds me of my posture. The benefits of a corset without the fear of squeezing your innards! Even this structured bra moves with my body… which as you know, I move and bend and lift all the time in my crazy life. 

If dipping into sexy lingerie is a new concept for you this set, and brand are a perfect place to start. You can really explore a ton of options, colors and styles without compromising the bank. Which this totally blows my mind as Pearlle’s designs are sensual, original, and locally curated.