Designer: Playful Promises  
Website to purchase: Regalia Harness – KMD Regalia Harness – Playful Promises

*Note: these items were purchased with my own money. My opinions are my own. 

Well, one thing is for sure… I am so happy to be supporting both Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie and Playful Promises.

I’ve been reading about both companies for the last few hours (maybe getting side-tracked with shopping) and have been even happier with my purchase of the Regalia body harness. 

I did purchase this body harness from Kiss Me Deadly… Therefore I want to share about their company before tackling my review about Regalia harness made by Playful Promises. 

Kiss Me Deadly is a femme-owned company, run by just a handful of employees and customer’s continued support. At a glance, what stands out to me about KMD is how real they are. Their brand’s voice has an honesty to it, or more a sauciness to it. They don’t promise you the moon, they promise you their best, which is pretty amazing. I love that these intimate artists stick to their guns about how they create and how they respond to the world. (especially with today’s mindset of “I want it now”).

One lovely thing about consciously made apparel is that once the company supports similar-vibed companies. Just like Kiss me Deadly and Playfulpromises, Darkest Fox, and Maison Close. It can be a knee jerk reaction to close off from “competing brands”, though, in my experience, the more is merrier for all! I’m glad all these “sisters” are banding together!


When I saw the Instagram photo of the Regalia Harness popped up on my feed in April a little part of my soul was reaching out saying “YESS!!!!!” 

I have been on a leather and bondage kick as of late (I mean trying to grow into the sexiest strongest version of me requires some tough straps!) and this thin strappy candy-red body harness was going to satisfy my sweet tooth.  

The inspiration for the Regalia series was meant to “celebrate feminine energy”. Specifically, a femme (like the model used on their website),  who could throw knives or wield a bullwhip. A badass femme who needs lingerie to move and bend while she throws martial arts kicks into the air. No wonder the Regalia spoke to me!

Each connection on the harness is studded with an embossed gold star button, clasping together with sturdy gold buckles. The material of this harness is polyurethane, which creates a sexy reflection in the shiny red straps. There are only 2 sizes for this S/M and M/L. The choice was easy, to make, but I was still curious about how it would fit. Everything looks fine in a photo ya know…

When I put on the harness it came to my realization that S/M was still a little too big for me. I wish they had the option of XS/S. It could be that as a manufacturer, it would not make sense. A body harness like this is okay if it doesn’t fit out of the box, it would be nice, but it’s easy to poke a hole and make it fit perfectly for me. 

Since I had to adjust the hole quite a bit (about 3-4” around the underbust and waist) I desired that more of the connections were loops that could be adjusted. Even without this, the suit lays organically over my body. I just wish I could have tucked that extra strap under my armpit connection, etc. 

I am impressed with how the harness does lay so comfortably on my body, and I imagine most anyone else’s body too. I chalk this up to good design. Sometimes I find a bra or lingerie that has all these sexy straps, but they aren’t quite stitched int he right places, often resulting in slack in the strap. It’s great when it’s on, but sometimes I have to ask my partner to help me get it on. Needless to say, I won’t be able to “surprise” him with this suit.

I was thankful for the designer’s mind to make the length and width of the thigh straps adjustable. It did take me a few times wearing the harness to understand where I wanted the straps to lay. In the model photo on the website, it looks to me like the thigh strap is lower under the bum. I tried this on the shortest hole and well, my body is shaped differently, so I had to poke a few more holes. 

Around the thigh, the straps fit just fine (Thanks strong legs!). I like to snug up the strap over my inner thigh pear, like closer to my crotch, and snug under my butt. It’s not as far down the thigh as the model, but when I walk around with it here, it’s very functional. Naturally, as I move the straps give and take some. By placing the straps this high I can move without the straps falling down my thigh (often resulting in tripping). 

It took some adjusting here and there, in the end, I feel like a bad-ass circus performer swinging from silks. This look is double awesome because you can wear it under or over clothes, stunning anyone who spies it!


I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic or a major consumer. I prefer to take my time and spend my money on an artist or source ethically/sustainably/ecologically as possible. 

Yes, the red eye-candy struck me, but I wanted to make sure my purchase supports my ethos. When I started to dig into who Playful Promises is, I nearly did a backflip. They amazed me so much that I am writing another post about amazing earth-friendly companies like Playful Promises.

In short, for every purchase you make, they plant a tree. Umm…. that’s amazing! They work with reforestation partners for North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. To educate their consumers they encourage recycling on their website. They list a few easy ways a consumer can purchase and recycle their unwanted clothing. 

Beyond the environmental impact, this brand exudes feminism from stitch to stitch. Female owned and run by lingerie obsessed employees. Their designs are a mixture of classy, with a little bit of dirty. If you want an affordable and saucy set of lingerie, these gals are a solid business.

This round of body harness choice, a one-size-fit-all situation, well, my body was a little smaller than “fits all”. Even still, poking a few holes did not discourage me and the result of feeling fabulously sexy was achieved. I look forward to purchasing and supporting this company again soon!