Designer: Pretties by Laura
Piece: Arabella Bandeau Bralette and Astrid Ouvert Panties
Website to purchase: Pretties Etsy | Pretties Facebook

*Note: These items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are my own.

I truly believe in karma and that what you put out into the universe will come back to you. A few weeks ago I wrote a post about shopping locally and consciously. I recently discovered this new brand called Pretties by Laura. I chose to highlight her/this brand since they are local/ American made/ a small shop. 

Without any idea, sweet Laura, owner, and seamstress, mailed me over her latest set to model for her. It was just in a time where I needed a different color scheme in my wardrobe, and perhaps a softer mood too. I was delighted to model and write about her Pretties and when they came in, I was really impressed.

Previous to this set’s arrival, I would drool over her Etsy page at the beautifully lit and dainty lingerie. I love that this woman’s mind and hands conjured such fine lacy intimates and that people all over get to wear her work. All made in her home, tucked in cozy Raleigh, NC.

As a working woman, Laura designs her Pretties for function as well as Fatale. A femme should not be bound by her Pretties, she should be freed by them.

When my Pretties arrived it took everything not to tear into the box. Of course, I had to take a quick video of unwrapping the pretty packaging. Honesty, I just wanted to tear in there and put on those Pretties so bad. Laura had sent me a new set so I had no clue what to expect. I just knew that whatever it was she sent would be dainty, femme, and heartbreakingly beautiful.


My favorite thing about Pretties by laura is her ultra-sheer look. Her bras hide the cold nipple, but when you take your clothes off the tantalizing colors and shapes of the breast become seen. This is absolutely a sexy bedroom bra, with the comfort of your sports bra. The bandeau cut of this bra also makes me feel supported and covered, even with the sheer exposure. 

Laura chose a soft silk charmeuse for the band and the way she stitched her transition from lace to silk is as smooth as butter. The band itself gives a little, but not too much, creating a “fit like air” around the underbust. When I first wore the bra I was not accustomed to this relaxed fit. In fact, like many women, I make the mistake of “if it’s not tight it must not be right”. In this case, I can take big full breaths, stretch in my garden, and move through the day without feeling bound by my bra. 

Everywhere I look on this bra (and set for that matter) I discover so many tiny wonders in this design. For example, the tag is stitched on with a little bow beside it. It’s adorable beyond belief and does not compromise your comfort. I didn’t even know there were cute bows on the tags until the third time I wore these. Laura took time and care when sewing this together, there are no loose strings and nothing poky, or scratchy against my skin. I so so appreciate the fuzzy soft material on the inside of the clasp and boning. 

The rose-gold clasps and hardware complement this gorgeous shade of blush pink. When I asked Laura if there was a magical story behind the lace she replied with “I did search high and low for that specific shade”. Even though she didn’t climb a mountain for it, it does make me appreciate what a designer must go through. To have this vision of fabric, without knowing if it even exists. The colors of the silk and lace and the straps come together so naturally, I would never have otherwise stopped to think of the journey of material sourcing.

I wore this bra for two days in a row without ever taking it off. I felt bad because you’re not “supposed to” wear the same bra each day so the elastic can have a break. I know, and I still could not help it. It was so comfortable. For a somewhat nudist, I felt so comfortable in this bra.


Perhaps I am easily amused and awed, though I do not know many people who are hand-dying anything, much less the 100% cotton gusset liner in these ouvert panties. I am impressed with this labor of love, Laura’s desire to make sure that everything matches and blends together seamlessly. 

Upon first glance, I loooooooove the bit of lace sewed to the front of the panty. Its asymmetrical femininity holds just the right balance of energy in this panty. In the same way as the bra band, the straps of the panty don’ dig into the body, rather it works with the body. 

The length of the crotch is just so that my nether regions feel safe and secure, even though my bum is totally exposed. The soft feel of silk on my front means that I’m not thinking about my underwear during the day. They are comfortable, only leave me wanting to rip my clothes off and show my sexy wares to my partner. 

This cute design of the triangles of lace meeting in the middle of the backside of the panty is too cute! The way the delicate feathers of lace lay on my bum is so dainty and whimsical. Laura added one of her sweet bows to the middle of this area, leaving a clean finished look. Astrid absolutely satisfies my fairytale dreams. 


Holy moly. Really I am speechless with what Laura has been able to create. Her story in her new business is so inspiring and to watch her move forward with this will be an absolute pleasure. Not only does she have the guts to put herself and her designs out there, she completely does her visions justice. Moreover, she takes care through the entire process. From choosing the right blend of materials and colors to hand-dying her own clothes to sewing each and every seam on this piece of art. 

This extra touch of energy and effort makes me appreciate her work. I am also proud of her for not cheating her art and products. It is the hardest thing to ask for your worth and I am proud of her for doing so. It is a lot of work putting such a creation together and from what I can tell, this set of lingerie and I will have a good long life together.