In this cold winter it is hard to stay motivated. It’s cold, or wet, or wet and cold.

When life hits you like a brick (our kiln(s) don’t work and we operate a ceramic studio, and other tribulations) it can be a challenge to keep your head up and plow through.

I love the snow and don’t mind the cold so long as I’m properly dressed. The winter does keep me indoors, and this farmer is dreaming of spring.

Buying seeds, germinating some lettuce to see some hope of new life, and making propagations of my indoor plants. I am hoping for spring.

Art talent comes in many forms. Body, Clay, photography… Issac is a mad scientist-artist when it comes to photography.

He is experimental and bold, finding bold models to scream into the lens and act crazy, even though you just met.

Very seldom do i get to put on a distorted  face.