It is impossible to avoid consumerism, even the hippie in the woods needs to buy something. It’s not to say that making purchases is a bad thing, however with the existence of online shopping make a purchase has become rather impersonal. 

I have this swell idea that the consciousness of the people on this earth is raising every day. With a raised awareness and intellect we need to take the effort to also consider where our purchases come from, who makes them, and what impact does this purchase makes on the environment?

Sure spending money on an artist’s work can be pricey, though, to me, the story of that purchase makes me feel snuggly inside. I can sleep easy knowing that my money went directly into the hands of the person who’s work I admire. Knowing that this person’s labor, and my purchase, now means they can buy food and pay bills for their family fills my heart right up!

Clothing is a super-saturated market of mass production. The stories about underpaid factory workers (while the company itself makes $$$), working in harsh conditions and expectations, these stories are true. The stories of thousands of pounds of good fabric are tossed into landfills. These stories are also true.

I’m not here to try and sound righteous or make you feel bad for your last Amazon purchase, I am here to encourage small changes. My family and I have made the choice to be conscious consumers, but even I, the ant-plastic in my home queen breakdown at the sight of a bag of potato chips (why are they all wrapped in plastic!! Tears.). I was venting to our teen about our recycling that was piling up, and how hard it was to constantly make my own yogurt and sour cream. It is hard, it’s a new way of living, but it makes my soul feel right. To a fault, I love this earth more than its people, so recycling and foraging my own mushrooms is a soul-need for me. 

Sorry about that rant… back to lingerie and sexy things. Although, over the last several months I have found some ultimately sexy lingerie brands that not only care for the environment, they also care for their designers and employees. 

With each purchase of lingerie I make, I try to source companies that are ecologically conscious, run by a bunch of women, and are all-around wonderful. It is my opinion that these brands go above and beyond what they need to do, to produce something uniquely wonderful from idea to production to your home. 

While instinctually you may scoff at their prices, remember that they deserve a living salary too. My husband and I are both artists, and we constantly battle with “do we price it what it’s worth, or do we price it to sell so we can have an income”. Know that the items they make are high quality and will last longer than your pair of VS panties that fell apart in the wash after one use (p.s. your lingerie prefers a laundry bag or washed by hand!).

Ready for the reveal? Here’s a quick list of a few bad-ass companies and what makes them so amazing!

Playful Promises

Playful Promises is owned and run by Emma Parker and opened in 2004. They were the reason I am writing this post in the first place. They love supporting women’s sexuality and our planet’s health. They have a One Tree Planted program, where, with every purchase, a tree is planted! If everyone planted something for everything they purchased we would have a beautiful world. These gals don’t stop with tree planting either. They encourage their consumers to recycle their clothing and give great examples on how to do so. They go on to point out that they sell items made from Repreve; material made by recycled plastics.

Solstice Intimates

Though I have yet to personally purchase from Solstice Intimates, they have a killer vibe and some down-to-earth practices. Their kickback to the 70’s style of lingerie is somewhat influenced by the fact that they use vintage materials and their love for retro. These daydreamers are hard at work hand stitching every garment one by one. I love paying people for their beautiful work… and their products are just gorgeous. Knowing that they personally source and stitch their materials makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Solstice Intimates is made up of a handful of dedicated workers, encouraging us all to shop small.

Something Wicked

Something Wicked is something close to my heartstrings. They were my first big plunge into the small-craft lingerie world and I’ve loved them ever since. Besides just being super friendly, they are earth-friendly too. It can be hard to take that extra step that is often involved with being eco-conscious, and the demands of the consumer-world. Something Wicked stays just a little naughty, by beating the rigidness of manufacturing in bulk.

Their mission is to make lingerie to empower women, and they do that by starting with leftover materials from other companies. Sure this sounds like scraps, very nice plonge leather, and silk scraps. To make use of every inch of fabric they tessellate and hand-cut their patterns. Whatever is leftover they donate to schools… now was that so hard? Actually, I’m sure it is a lot of steps away from fabrication, and I love that the effort does not deter them from production!

Pretties By Laura

Speaking of shopping small… Pretties By Laura is a small-batch lingerie company all made by Laura. This one-woman-wonder too the great plunge into her dreams and has successfully launched her own intimate apparel line. Not everything we purchase has to be worn three times to be eco-conscious. Purchasing from true artisans is the most gratifying way to support the earth. Most of the time you get something that is longer-lasting, more heart-warming, and overall more joy from your purchase. Not to mention, you know you had a part in helping that artist pay their bills. If your mission is for one of a kind lingerie styles then you may have just found your happy place.

Studio Pia

Shopping at small handmade artisans already cuts down on the carbon footprint, and Studio Pia takes it that one step further. They too have partnered with One Tree Planted to help get the job done. As a life long vegetarian, Pia, sources her material from cruelty-free, organic, peace silk. Her original embroidery designs are inspired by the one and only, Mother Nature. Pia’s designs are truly fresh and incredibly sexy.

Photo by Kaity O’Keefe on Unsplash

Remember that when you take the step into becoming more conscious in your life, don’t beat yourself up if you desperately need a bottle of water. Every little effort towards supporting our earth seriously counts. Do your best, and if you’ve got the time, think twice about where you buy from. If you’ve got a little more time, seek out some sweet brands you may fall in love with!

Have you got some other eco-lovin’ lingerie/ sensual artists you want to see here? Comment below or send a message to!