Designer: Something Wicked 
Piece: Ava Half Cup Leather Bra
Website to purchase: AVA BRA

*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 

Six months ago I decided to focus on a new project; a look book. A collection of images and essays centered around the wild and powerful side of women. I wanted to showcase the power a woman feels when she has tapped into her sexual prowess. Her strengths, her command, and her true free self.

As I explore this venture through my alter-ego, LaFemmeCat, I wanted to trend my lingerie choices towards women. Building relationships with woman-owned, powered, and run businesses. More than that, I wanted to celebrate companies that have kind morals and ethical values. I sought out companies that cared about the women in their lingerie, the bodies that have moved inside their designs. Above all, I wanted the women who buy their lingerie to feel sexually empowered.

When I purchased my Nina balconette set a few months back from Something Wicked I was blown away. My first run around with the girls behind Something Wicked I made them work. I’m a goof and don’t know my true bra size and they helped me through my exchanges. Even just receiving my box made me feel grown-up and sexy. 

I immediately could feel in my body the difference in lingerie that is made, and lingerie that is made with love and intention. Everything from start to finish with Something Wicked has been carefully decided and utilized. 

Something Wicked is my first experience with leather lingerie, and I’m afraid I’m hooked! Not knowing very much about the leather industry, I can tell you that it is buttery soft and gives to your shape. Experts from SW can tell you that their leather is Japanese Plonge leather. Though these cows are not bred for their hide you would never know it. 

Made “from hand-massaged wagyu cattle, and the finest goats suede.” –Darkest Fox.

All of this woman-power does not stop at the boundary of their adorable historic mill that Something Wicked uses as their HQ. Any woman who wears any of their pieces will feel the empowerment of what women can do together. 


The Ava Half Cup Bra was a sight to behold when I pulled it out of the box. Sexy structured peep-holes, shiny and matte leather cups, a mesh band, and gold hardware details. This now being my second SW bra, there is something I notice that sets them apart from any other. The elastic. 

When off the body the elastic on the bra band actually scrunch back (see picture). What I mean is when the band is relaxed it is much smaller than when it is on the body. Normally a bra band looks and feels already relaxed, even off the body. The quality of elastic in Something Wicked’s bras means that the elastic will last longer. Which is great news as it is so comfortable it will be hard not to wear it constantly!

I always wonder how my breasts will fit and will odd-cut bras… after all, my breasts are as unique as any woman. I was very elated when I put this bra on and my breasts filled the peep-hole cut flatteringly. The twin straps add great flatterings lines over the chest, and they conveniently are removable! 

I really love the soft velvety feel of the suede texture on the center gore and side-cup band. I can imagine someone caressing my body and their hands moving from slippery leather to skin, to suede. It is really amazing what goes into a bra. If you purchase one from SW take a moment and just look over every detail and layer. There’s a lot of care and attention, and there’s a plethora of detail. It’s amazing at how many stitches there are, and how little of them I feel. 


If ethically sourced, well made, made to last, and made by women are things you look for in intimate wear, you need to explore Something Wicked.

These ladies are not just milling about over there in Leeds, they are creating some amazing functional art. I know it’s hard to imagine a bra that can look this good and still be functional, though it is that sexy and that functional. 

My lifestyle can mean impromptu pullups, swinging on my silks, or handstands. I need a bra that is like my terrier; sturdy enough to hold-up and keep-up with me. Right out of the box it became my new favorite bra (except when I’m wearing Nina!).