Designer: Something Wicked 
Piece: Ava Maxi Skirt
Website to purchase: AVA MAXI SKIRT

*Note: these items were not purchased with my own money. My opinions are still my own. 

Remember how I mentioned how amazing Something Wicked is in my Nina and Ava bra reviews? It’s hard to imagine that one company can be so conscious of their production habits in the modern century. People are used to having what they want and now. You still get all that when you purchase from SW, knowing that someone made that piece for YOU!

They don’t outsource their products, each and every item is handmade in their cute mill in Leeds, UK. This team of talented, respected, and well-paid seamstresses. Each item is made to order… which is amazing. They have got their process down as it takes as little as a week to receive a package from them. That is UK to USA in a week, fresh off the sewing bench!

These ladies use every bit of their materials, hand-cutting each and every piece. To ensure as little waste as possible they tessellate their patterns, unlike machine cuts, there is very little waste. The few scraps that do remain are donated to textile classes at local high schools (how cute!). This means no waste in the landfill.

While these ladies are busy efficiently making lingerie, they are also busy designing wear that captures what it means to be a woman. 


Okay, this skirt has magical powers. You may think it does not look like more than a piece of sheer fabric and a band of leather, however, there is more than the eye knows. 

This is no ordinary leather, this is the softest Japanese plonge leather. Plonge leather is well known for being lightweight and for draping flatteringly over the body. When I clasp my waist into this substantial band, I feel like my solar plexus is getting hugged. I feel secure moving around wildly while wearing the Ava skirt.

The skirt by the way is silk. Wonderful soft silky, well, silk. I’ve only ever owned silk shirts or scarfs but never have I been trusted to wear so much silk so close to the ground before. It’s like the clothing is telling you to look fabulous and be playful.

The skirt has the option of removable garter straps too if the occasion should warrant. Small details like this and all of the little glinty gold hardware is what makes Something Wicked something terrific. It’s that time, the heart, and the passion to create that makes an ordinary skirt feels like a magical art piece for your body.


If anything, I have only fallen more in love with the team at Something Wicked. I am so impressed by their process. I’m an Earth nerd and I very much appreciate their attention to waste and efficiency. I know these processes take more time and labor, however, the results they produce are amazing. I am also thrilled at the quality of work on their pieces. I’ve gotten some lingerie from other companies where I wished they/ the machine would have taken just a moment more to finish a stitch. After this photoshoot, I know the quality will hold up for a woman’s lifestyle.

All around this company/merry team of women are top-notch! Not only do I love their intimate customer service, but from start to finish you know that you’re going to get something great. Well, more like Something Wicked….