Who would have guessed that I would not post on Christmas….

That’s right, I took some good old fashioned holiday time off. It was marvelous!

I thought about writing a little hello, though I challenged myself not to, with great success.

I also gracefully managed an entire bottle of cava by myself before the step kids came over for Christmas Eve dinner. 

Holidays are different each year, which is why we cleave to our few traditions. This year was unlike any other, with shashimi take out as our feast instead of the 12 fishes we would have at my parents house. Yet, the simplicity of twinkle lights, seafood and laughter hit all the buttons required for a solid Christmas affair.

I made some homemade tofu for our miso, put on my Nonna’s hand-me-down skirt, and asked google for “Christmas classics”.

Today we tossed the needle-barren tree out the door and re-arranged the living room for some fresh vibes.

I cuddled on the couch, my new fair trade christmas socks on my feet and the last chocolate chip cookie in my belly. 

Waiting now for the new year….