I’ve decided to treat my magical website as a living online diary.
We often write in our private journals with the eyes of a stranger over our shoulders. Do we really write like that or do we just want someone to read our deep secrets?

I want people to know the in’s and out’s of me. As a kind of experiment to human nature and the beauty that life possesses.

I made some edits to my website because of this shift. I removed some old posts about brands I don’t care to support, though I did not remove them all.

I felt it important for people to see how a person can change and can make mistakes and move and grow on from them. Life is a journey for sure!

– – – – – – –¬†

Here I sit, on my velvet green couch, with my tiger-kitty on my lap and my wired-haired blonde terrier resting on the cushions above my shoulders and I write.

This morning I treat you with visuals from my seat.

The low sun beaming through the old wooden chestnut beams of our house.
Fire licks the iron of our wood stove.
Green garlands of cypress, cedar, and pine blanket the mantle. Christmas cards tucked in their needle arms.

These images are produced by Issac. A wonderful and fun photographer and artist from Vermont. We got to spend a few hours together and we made the most of our time!

The next few posts will include our work together. Hope you enjoy the experiment as much as we did!