Designer: Uye Surana
Pieces: Peacock Eyes & Dragonflies Printed Thigh-high Stockings, Garter, and Cami
Website to purchase:

*Note: I did purchase these items. My opinions are my own.

Do you know when you see that thing that just fills your whole body with sweet joy? That’s what I feel when I would drool over uye Surana’s Illusion Print series.

If you don’t know about Uye Surana (pronounced You- Sir-anah) they are a New York City-based company that specializes in female comfort. They consider the client and the world in which we all live in. 

Uye takes the time and care to hand-print their styles with a reduced-waste printing style right in their NYC studio. Rough on your delicates? Uye uses a strong anti-rip material that protects against snags and runs!

This company of love understands how a body can change, over and over. Through your moon cycle and year after year. That’s why their bras don’t have typical eye-hook claps. They use adjustable straps as you would typically find for the shoulder straps. 


I ordered these stockings first. I had my eyes on these magnificent prints for a long time, I had never seen such beautiful vibrant prints. The colors reminded me of stockings my mother had when I was a kid. They imbued the magic from Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella; bright, fun, and making the wearer burst out into song and dance.

These stockings have a center seam that runs all the way down to the toes. This did catch me off guard. Admittedly, I have a weird OCD with how socks/ stockings line up on my toes. Typically there is a seam that is parallel to the toes. My OCD wants to line this seam up perfectly. Uye’s vertical seam left me in confusion. Loving the look so much I pushed aside my weird antics and persevered through the unusual feeling. 

The dragonfly and peacock print was so beautiful that any toes/ steam issues I had quickly dissipated and were replaced with pure joy. 


A month later I took the plunge and birthday-gifted myself the matching garter and cami. I was not disappointed by my mature choices. I was, as always with garters, worried that it would not be able to become small enough for my waist. Even at the XS/S size, I hoped that the belt would stay up and not fall down over my hips while wearing. 

Not to my surprise, the garter did not tighten as much as I would prefer. Tight binds make me feel secure. I also want to avoid public pulling up of my garter. To my surprise, even with the comfortable fit, the garter did not slip. 

Even when the stockings slip down my legs, the garter remains in place and true. I still wish it was a bit tighter, but it does work.


I was torn between buying the triangle bra, or this cami. After reading some reviews, it was confirmed that the cami was supportive enough to pass as a bra. Trusting these reviews I bought the cami.

Yes, for my chest size, the cami is supportive enough to act as a bra. I did find, as I do with women’s cuts, the armpits were cut a little too high for my muscular lats (latissimus dorsi). After I wear the cami for a while this tight sensation does become more tolerable and less noticeable. 

I love the tiny detail of being able to unclasp the top loop. This makes the cami feel a little extra naughty and fun. 


I love Uye Surana to death. I would wear it all the time. In fact, when I got the cami in I did not take it off for the next 4 days. Gross, maybe, comfortable, YES!

In fact, everything about this anti-rip super strong material is ultra-comfortable and conforming to my body shape. I hardly notice the material against my skin in a very natural way. Like we were meant to be together. 

With all things considered with this brand, their eco-friendliness, their small-batch process, Uye is doing something amazing in their small NYC studio. What I appreciate a ton about this brand is their designs to size adjustments and their considerations for fuller-figured clients. 

I can’t wait to buy my next Uye Surana set!