Recently our local food cooperative has closed. It’s so depressing.

When I first moved to this town I had never seen a co-op where the community really was involved in this business.

People could place bulk orders at reasonable prices, the food was either organic or well sourced, and the prices were the same as any large box grocery store.

This co-op wasn’t just another store, another food store, it was the communities choices. You could walk in and weigh your fresh spices, locally grown produce and meats.

To shop there was an experience, just as walking through the downtown with my palm-woven basket in hand. 

Now that time is gone. The cooperative has closed and the only reason and people to blame is the community. We have failed this shop, who’s intentions were solely for you’re best interest. 

And at what a time, when I had just decided to start making my own tofu. Now where was I going to source my GMO-free and organic soy beans? THE INTERNET???

No, I could do better. I wanted a smaller footprint. That means finding who already has soybeans in town.

Backup in shipping and delivery and shortage of supplies due to the pandemic has hit many businesses, and the smaller ones the most.

I also shop at this cute Asian market and though they had been having trouble with their supplies, they had soy beans!

They may not be organic, but the energy around these make them okay to me!

This morning I sit and write to you, with my fresh tofu pressing in the pot on the stove.

Do your best to shop as locally as you can. Support those who are looking to support and please you back.

Here are some sweet gel light images take with Issac.

I can’t believe we took all of these in a tiny hotel room! Just goes to show what a little creativity and fun can produce!

The lingerie in this set (and yesterday’s) is ethically sourced plonge leather all designed by the talented gals at Something Wicked.