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Resolution Week

Resolution Week

In this cold winter it is hard to stay motivated. It’s cold, or wet, or wet and cold.

When life hits you like a brick (our kiln(s) don’t work and we operate a ceramic studio, and other tribulations) it can be a challenge to keep your head up and plow through.

I love the snow and don’t mind the cold so long as I’m properly dressed. The winter does keep me indoors, and this farmer is dreaming of spring.

Buying seeds, germinating some lettuce to see some hope of new life, and making propagations of my indoor plants. I am hoping for spring.

Art talent comes in many forms. Body, Clay, photography… Issac is a mad scientist-artist when it comes to photography.

He is experimental and bold, finding bold models to scream into the lens and act crazy, even though you just met.

Very seldom do i get to put on a distorted  face.

New Years!

New Years!

Since the Pandemic everything has changed for everyone. This year I was looking forward to quiet holidays with family. Our plans of some light travel and visiting our parents...

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Wednesday, Dec. 22

Wednesday, Dec. 22

Recently our local food cooperative has closed. It's so depressing. When I first moved to this town I had never seen a co-op where the community really was involved in this...

Tuesday Dec. 21

Tuesday Dec. 21

I've decided to treat my magical website as a living online diary. We often write in our private journals with the eyes of a stranger over our shoulders. Do we really write like...


Extra photos, and behind the scene content, that doesn’t get published anywhere else.


Beauty is an easy thing to admire, and yet it’s something that is overlooked by many. The most profound beauty is in the simplicity of life; a life that has existed long before we ever got here. The rhododendron and sandstone mountains of Appalachia have a way of calling people to her and if we listen to her subtle whisper through the leaves we might just see her secret.

 Nature is the purest of innocence and through her eyes, we can learn to appreciate things like still mornings and warm breezes. This is where I like to find myself, nuzzled between a rock and a hardwood. My toes imprint deeply in the black loose soil and my lungs take in a sharp breath. Here is where I find peace, and here is where I feel like I can be me. I am Nadia, a woodland fairy of West Virginia.

 Rock climbing and Yoga have helped me reconnect with my roots and to practice self-expression. In my breath I am free, and I enjoy feeling the rocks and trees breathe along with me. I feel that it is so important to stop and feel the moss and touch the flowers. Everything is so delicate, yet ferociously resilient to all the tests they are put through. I admire the flowers that I pick… how they can stay so perky as I hike with them in my hands for hours. Or the rocks that never seem to crumble, no matter how many times a climber pulls on them or how hard the weather beats down on them every day.

 I used to feel like a fragile fiddle-head, and yet these wonderful plants have been in existence since the age of dinosaurs… Now I am happy to say that I feel like a fiddle-head. That I too will have a lasting impression on this Earth, that no matter how much ice, wind, or heat is laid upon my path that I will unfurl each spring and spread my fronds each summer.