Zapotec Diamond Rug | Rainbow


Handwoven Rug | Natural Dye | Natural Wool Fiber




This rug is handwoven on a loom by a small family in Teotitlan de Valle. They all work together dyeing and weaving these beautiful textiles.
This rug is made with 100% natural dyes! These colors are achieved by boiling or fermenting techniques known only to 20 families in the Teotitlan de Valle! Once the wool has been separated according to tone the fibers are spun into a strong yarn. The yarn is then woven into simple or intricate patterns

These patterns are more than just shapes! They are symbols and stories of the people. This rug depicts rain and the life giving properties of water. The Zapotec diamond is the sun, energy, protection, and sacred geometry. Lastly, the Maize (corn) stalks represent life and abundance.

Natural Fibers:
– 100% sheep wool
– Loom fibers are 100% cotton
– 100% Dye free

57cm X 101.5cm

I met Luis and his family at their home. They shared mezcal, stories of their history, and dyeing techniques.

Only 20 families in the world know how to do this.

Since the pandemic tourists have not come to the small village & some families have had quit this trade.

It is vital to support them.